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Carlo Dellaverson

Carlo Dellaverson is a highly skilled coordinator with extensive experience in organizing rock concerts from start to finish. His duties include reporting schedule changes to respective crew members, which he does capably, often exhibiting superb organizational skills. Carlo remains calm and well-organized even under pressure, and his boss relies on him to help solve challenges and maintain the smooth running of all concerts. He is known among crew members as one of several capable hands and cool heads backstage. One of Carlo’s core competencies is his excellent organizational skills, which are handy when managing a rock band’s logistics, including multiple band members, equipment, and schedules. He recognizes the importance of effective communication and planning to make shows successful. With many years of experience coordinating dozens of concerts, Carlo possesses event management skills and the ability to iron out unexpected issues during live performances, making him an invaluable member of any concert team. He works collaboratively with venue managers, sound technicians, performers, and other crew members, making him an excellent team player and coordinator.

Carlo’s working experience alongside concert managers and coordinating various teams helped him develop strong leadership skills. He is excellent at motivating all crew members, providing feedback to help colleagues develop specific skills, and encouraging teamwork. Working with event promoters, the production team, and other staff members, Carlo learned to establish clear communication protocols to ensure all stakeholders remained on the same page about schedules, responsibilities, and any changes. Carlo is an exceptional tour manager’s assistant who unwaveringly maintains calm and order under pressure and assists the team in organizing a successful concert.

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